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On the testing side : Investigation of the influencing parameters of Refractoriness under Load



According to ISO 1893 standard, Refractoriness under Load (RuL) test enables to determine the (differential) deformation of dense and insulating refractory products, submitted to a constant load and to a constant heating rate. The field of shaped materials is ruled by EN ISO 1893 [2007] standard, while testing on unshaped products are described on EN ISO 1927-6 [2012] standard. T0, temperature extracted from RuL results, is one of the most important properties of a refractory product, as it gives an estimation of its maximal operating temperature, i.e. T0 - 200°C. Generally speaking, the fact that the cited method participates to the safety of high temperature facilities gets an important consensus. Thus, the experimental process has to be fully controlled, in order to provide the most reliable estimation of the performances of the material studied: to do so, assessment of the effects of the potentially influencing parameters is the best solution.


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