The ICAR lab is sized to face most of the demands of our clients, in term of:

- Technical complexity, which could require the construction of a special device/test stand, to fulfill the expectations of our customer. To answer this, in addition to human skills, we have numerous machines which can be adapted to special requirements.

-  Volume of test: for example, in the frame of a production check-up, some customers ask for very large number of tests, with a short delivery time of the results. To answer this, we have numerous machines available for the most popular tests, such as 8 machines for RUL and creep behavior, 4 ASTM conductivity tests, 3 mechanical machines for high temperature bending/compressive tests, etc.

- Standards: ICAR lab works according most of the standards existing on refractories: international, European or some national standards, like ASTM. In addition, PRE recommendations can be proposed.

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