Testing and characterization

The offer of ICAR in the frame of testing represents 150 test references approximately. We propose tests according standards available on refractories, international, European, or ASTM standards for example.

Our certification ISO17025 is given by the French Accreditation Committee (COFRAC) under n° 1-1483, and assures the clients the exact respect of testing procedures and results.  The complete list is available in the “Download” theme. However, here is the summary :  

Sample preparation, surfacing grinding, cutting Any kind of material

Material structure (density, permeability, pore size distribution, granulometry, ...)

Insulating and dense products
Microstructure and mineralogy (Xray diffraction, microscopy, microanalysis Any kind of material
Chemical analysis (X ray Fluorescence, ICP, Atomic Absorption, C-S analyser...) Automatic charging machines
Room temperature and High Temperature mechanical characterizations (compression, traction, bending, CCS, HMOR, ...)

T max= 1500°C

Refractoriness Under Load, Creep Test T max= 1700°C
Dilatometric behaviour of ceramics and refractories RUL device and horizontal one
Thermal conductivity measurements : ASTM method Tmax hot face = 1400°C; cond< 15W/m/K
Thermal conductivity measurements : Hot Wire method – cross array and parallel

Tmax = 1250°C;

cond< 15W/m/K

Thermal conductivity measurements : flash laser method

Tmax 1000°C – Ar / N2

High cond. materials

Furnaces for special firing (under pressure, or special atmosphere), PCE, PLC, Thermal shocks (Air, Water)  
Corrosion tests : slag test, glass corrosion, cup test (any corrosive agent), finger test (slag corrosion)  
Corrosion tests : Carbon Monoxide disintegration  

Corrosion tests : Water steam oxidation

Tmax=1200°C; suitable for SiC materials
Gas corrosion pilot Tmax=1000°C; special gas corrosion
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